Learn emotional skills

Each animal in the book has a different feeling. Learn thru watching and discussing about the emotions in the pictures. Each person can see different feeling in the picture. There are no right or wrong answers.

Color drawings

Color the drawings. You can use it like a coloring book: express yourself through different colors and explore how they fit into different emotions.

Frame on the wall

Frame the drawings and place on the wall. You can also give the colored pictures forward, for example, as a gift/greeting card to your family or friends.


Kids, youth & adults

What colors would I use to color this feeling? Different colors convey different psychological meanings but there are no right or wrong answers.

The book contains over 40 hand drawn animals that are full of emotion. You can use it like a coloring book: express yourself through different colors and explore how they fit into different emotions.
You can also come up with stories and fairytales based on the drawings or think about how emotions arise.
Printed on premium paper, so you can color the drawings with colored pencils, markers, or water colors. The book is suitable for all ages – even adults!

A book so enchantingly beautiful that you don’t want to put it away!


Why does the cat cry? Why is the hippo so happy? What has happened? When do you feel sad?

This book can also be used to support emotional skills development and education in many environments – for example kindergartens, preschools, schools, or mental health institutions. The book is a great tool for professionals such as teachers, therapists, and psychologists.

The book is also available with copying license for professional use. So that you copy the book pictures for example to children for coloring purpose.

All feelings are accepted and equal.




Linnea Bellamine


Behind the drawings is Linnea Bellamine, 24-year-old
Artist / Graphic Designer / Illustrator from Finland.

I have a passion for Digital Art and I’m always trying to develop my skills in it. I enjoy it when I’m able to tell a whole story through one work of art, visualizing emotions through colors and characters that are full of expressions and life. In the field of Graphic Design I especially enjoy working on package designs. Besides various areas of Graphic Design, I’m also interested in frame-by-frame animations, comics and Game Art.”

Recommendations from professionals

“Pictures are an important tool in my work as a mentor of children’s emotional skills. Pictures help children identify their feelings and discuss them. Above all, coloring the drawings gives children the opportunity to color their own story from their own perspective. Linnea has captured a variety of emotions in the animal pictures in a magical way: the animals are adorable, attractive and easy to relate to. The drawings can be used for so many purposes, which I think is brilliant. I look forward to seeing how the Library of Feelings inspires children to express their feelings and use their imagination. I hope to see the rest of the pictures soon!”

Anne Kekäläinen

Mentor of Children's Emotional Skills, Annen Voimala Company
“Children need adult help to learn new skills, such as emotional skills. Observing and recognizing the different feelings a child has is very important – but can sometimes be difficult. I have been searching for good material to use in emotional skills education for a while. This book is exactly what I’ve been searching for. The book comes in handy in teaching because it appeals to children’s natural interest in animals, drawing, and painting, and because it can be used in so many different ways. This book inspires and motivates them to discuss their feelings more easily and openly. The pictures provide a gateway to discussing various emotions: “What are you afraid of? Why? Look at this hedgehog. It is frightened too. Why is it afraid?” After discussion the children can paint, color, or draw the picture. This is an amazing idea and I look forward to using this book with children in early childhood education.”

Silja Jukkala

Kindergarten teacher

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Library of Feelings -book

Over 40 different emotional animal pictures. A wide range of different feelings and animals. All pictures are hand drawn by one artist.


Book for professional use

For professional use, for example day-care centers. You can take copies of the book pictures. The content of both books is exactly the same.